Lifetime Distributions from Tracking Individual BC3H1 Cells Subjected to Yessotoxin.

Korsnes MS , Korsnes R
This work shows examples of lifetime distributions for individual BC3H1 cells after start of exposure to the marine toxin yessotoxin (YTX) in an experimental dish. The present tracking of many single cells from time-lapse microscopy data demonstrates the complexity in individual cell fate and which can be masked in aggregate properties. This contribution also demonstrates the general practicality of cell tracking. It can serve as a conceptually simple and non-intrusive method for high throughput early analysis of cytotoxic effects to assess early and late time points relevant for further analyzes or to assess for variability and sub-populations of interest. The present examples of lifetime distributions seem partly to reflect different cell death modalities. Differences between cell lifetime distributions derived from populations in different experimental dishes can potentially provide measures of inter-cellular influence. Such outcomes may help to understand tumor-cell resistance to drug therapy and to predict the probability of metastasis.

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