Palladium-Catalyzed Regioselective Syn-Chloropalladation-Olefin Insertion-Oxidative Chlorination Cascade: Synthesis of Dichlorinated Tetrahydroquinolines.

Vinoth P , Karuppasamy M , Vachan BS , Muthukrishnan I , Maheswari CU , Nagarajan S , Pace V , Roller A , Bhuvanesh N , Sridharan V
Organic letters
A palladium catalyzed cascade process involving syn-chloropalladation, intramolecular olefin insertion, and oxidative C-Cl bond formation reactions was demonstrated for the synthesis of dichlorinated tetrahydroquinolines in high yields (up to 93%). The N-propargyl arylamines having a tethered α,β-unsaturated carbonyl moiety underwent a regioselective syn-chloropalladation followed by a Heck-type reaction to deliver the tetrahydroquinoline scaffold. The rare insertion of the second chlorine atom was rationalized comprising a Pd catalytic cycle and oxidative cleavage of the C-Pd bond.

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