How Does A Structured Review Instrument Impact Learning at Resident Journal Club?

So E , Hyer CF , Richardson M , Younger M , Malay DS
The Journal of foot and ankle surgery : official publication of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
Journal club article review is an integral aspect of graduate medical education. A structured review instrument (SRI) is a checklist form that serves to guide through critical appraisal of the literature. The goal of this study was to objectively evaluate the effect of an SRI on journal critical appraisal in foot and ankle residency programs. A prospective study evaluated resident critical appraisal of journal club articles at 2 residency sites. Baseline resident critical appraisal scores were obtained the first 5 months of the academic year. The SRI form was then implemented into journal club sessions starting the sixth month until the end of the academic year. Resident critical appraisal scores were then compared. The use of SRI significantly improved resident scores compared with pre-SRI assessment scores (p < .001). The SRI tool is easily implemented and makes measurable improvement in resident critical appraisal of the reviewed literature. The use of an SRI tool should be considered in all residency programs to improve resident critical appraisal skills. Further study is warranted to determine specific competencies in which SRI provide the most benefit.

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