Heteroepitaxy of Co-based Heusler compound/muscovite for flexible spintronics.

Chen YC , Yen M , Lai YH , Markou A , Zhang L , Chin YY , Lin HJ , Chen CT , Felser C , Chu YH
ACS applied materials & interfaces
Materials with high spin-polarization play an important role in the development of spintronics. Co-based Heusler compound is a promising candidate for practical applications due to its high Curie temperature and tunable half-metallicity. However, it is a challenge to integrate Heusler compound into thin film heterostructure due to the lack of control on crystallinity and chemical disorder, critical factors of novel behaviors. Here, muscovite is introduced as a growth substrate to fabricate epitaxial Co2MnGa films with mechanical flexibility. The feature of heteroepitaxy is evidenced by the results of X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. Moreover, high chemical ordering with superior properties is delivered according to the observation of large Hall conductivity (680 Ω-1cm-1) and highly saturated magnetic moment (~3.93 μB/f.u.), matching well with bulk crystal. Furthermore, the excellence of magnetic and electrical properties retains under the various mechanical bending conditions. Such a result suggests that the development of Co2MnGa/muscovite heteroepitaxy provides not only a pathway to thin film heterostructure based on high-quality Heusler compound but also a new aspect of spintronic applications on flexible substrate.

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